Email Validator


Email Validator is a simple and easy to use service that provides validation information for your email addresses whether they are deliverable and valid. This helps your company to improve the deliverability of your email campaigns and also maintain a healthy email list.

How it works:

We utilize mail transfer protocol (SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and DNS to provide various checks and determine whether the user's email address is invalid or non-working without sending actual emails to that recipient address.

Benefits of the Emal Validator service:

  • Improve the deliverability of your email campaigns.
  • It allows you to perform effective email marketing campaigns by ensuring email list deliverability.
  • Improve user experience and avoid entry mistakes by verifying the email addresses in your application realtime using our Email Validation API.
  • Improve your Email reputation score.
  • Lowers the bounce rate under thresholds required by most ESPs.
  • Help you maintain a clean Email list by catching the bad emails and prevent from writing them in your database.
  • Help you maintain a clean Email list by removing all the invalid or undeliverable email addresses.

Web and API support

A. Verifying email addresses using Email Validator via Routee Web Platform.
Login to Routee Web platform:
Proceed to the section: Email Validator
Your can choose either to validate a single email address or
Choose to validate an entire list with emails. Supported file formats: xls, xlsx, csv.

B. Verifying email addresses using Email Validator API
Email Validator API is a synchronous, easy-to-use web service.
Our API can be integrated into your web applications to verify email addresses in real time. Using the API requires only a few lines of code. For more details, please visit our Developer API Reference section.