Default Template##

In order to perform a Two Factor Authentication, you need to specify a template. A default template is assigned to your application when you create it from Routee web interface.

The template must have the @@pin parameter that will be replaced by the generated code.

Override. You can always override the default template by providing one in the request, with the template parameter.

Template Arguments##

Templates support arguments in the format of @@ and the argument name.
For example: @@firstname
You can provide the value of the argument through the "arguments request" parameter.

If the template includes an argument and a value is not present in the arguments parameter it will stay as is.

Template Translations##

You can provide different templates per country from Routee web interface. When performing a Two Factor Authentication, Routee will parse the country from the recipient number and use the appropriate template if available.

You can override the country parsing, by providing the templateCountry parameter in the request.

If you provide the template parameter in the request as described above, then Routee will use that template and will not try to translate it.