Routee 2FA Authentication

Now you have the option to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) from the User Settings page. After 2FA is enabled, Backup PINs are provided and can be used in case receiving PIN via SMS is not available during the login process. With 2FA enabled, after the
users enter their credentials, they will be redirected to the verification page to enter the PIN code. Time for using a 5 digit PIN from SMS is 10 minute while Backup Pin doesn’t have any time constraint.

Visit to get started with your Account! Firstly, you'll need a Routee account.
When you are logged in, select User Settings from the menu on the right top corner.


Scroll down and you will navigate to the 2 Factor Authentication section


Click on the Enabled button and please set up the "Mobile" field with a mobile number that you can access constantly during your logins in order for 2 factor authentication to work.


The 2 factor authentication is performed with the mobile number field that you have set with your account (not the "Phone number" field).

When you have set up the mobile phone, click on Update settings and the following image will appear:


Please carefully store the PINs above. Those PINs can be used in case you are unable to use your device in order to log in. Please note that you can use any of the PINs with the same effect, but it is recommended to store all of them.
Usage of those PINs will also reset the 2FA for this account and you will need to re-enable it manually, by following the procedure we have just described.
That’s it! By clicking on the Confirm button, your account is secured with 2FA protection and every time someone tries to login, a verification message will be sent to the mobile device!

Now, let’s test to see that everything works as intended!
Visit and enter your Routee credentials.


By clicking Login, you will be redirected to the Verification menu, where you will be requested to enter the PIN that has been sent to the mobile phone you have registered!
You will have 3 tries to enter the correct PIN and log in to your account.


In case, you don’t have access to the mobile device that you have registered, there is still a way to log in!
Just click on the “Try backup pin” option and you will be redirected to the BackUp PIN verification Menu, where you can enter any of the 4 PINs that you have previously stored.


That’s it, now you are logged in to your account! But since you used your backup pins we consider that you lost your 2fa device so you will need to enable the two step verification again with probably a new mobile number.