Callback (WebHook)

Callbacks are notifications that you've asked Routee to send back to you when a shorten URL was clicked.

You can check Routee Application Settings to learn how you can set the default Callback URL(s) of your application(s).

URL shortener Callbacks

When a shorten URL is clicked your callback service will receive a POST HTTP request with the following request body:

  "shortUrl": "",
  "longUrl": "",
  "tags": {
    "tag1": "value1",
    "tag2": "value2"
  "timestamp": "2021-10-11T06:05:21.363Z",
  "dateTime": "2021-10-11T06:05:21.363Z",
  "ip": "",
  "country": "GR",
  "city": "Thessaloniki",
  "referrer": "UNKNOWN",
  "device": "UNKNOWN",
  "browser": "UNKNOWN",
  "lag": 4


Callback Retry Policy

When Routee POSTs back to your service, an HTTP 200 OK response must be returned within 2 seconds. If Routee doesn't receive a 200 OK response within 2 seconds will drop the connection and will try to POST again (up 12 retries for 24 hours max) with the following retry policy after the initial callback attempt:

1st retry: 30 sec
2nd retry: 1 minute
3rd retry: 2 minutes
4th retry: 5 minutes
5th retry: 10 minutes
6th retry: 15 minutes
7th retry: 30 minutes
8th retry: 1 hour
9th retry: 2 hours
10th retry: 4 hours
11th retry: 8 hours
12th retry: 24 hours


Whitelist IP for callback service

Whitelist all the IPs that resolve to the following domain:
in order to be able to receive callback requests from Routee