Number Lookup

Number lookup and database optimization


Performing a Number Lookup provides a direct network level check against any GSM mobile number. The check can provide detailed information, such as the original network a mobile number was assigned, whether the number has been ported to a different network, which ported network it has moved to, if the mobile has been turned on recently and the country the mobile was last used.

Mobile subscribers often change numbers, roaming or change providers while retaining their original phone number (ported numbers). Knowing which mobile numbers are in use and available, or which network your client is currently using, can greatly improve accuracy and cost effectiveness for many types of businesses.

With Number Lookup, you can determine:

  • which numbers are currently active
  • if the mobile number is in roaming state
  • if the mobile number is ported to another mobile operator
  • the optimal route for messages and voice

You can use Number Lookup Services for:

Database Cleaning

Designed for companies with vast number of database records, our Database Cleaning package enables identifying unused and inactive numbers.


Developed to resolve number portability issues for various company types, this package enables real-time number portability lookups to optimize message and voice routing. It includes all the features of the Database Cleaning package.


Financial institutions (BFI) using the service, for roaming (location) information in order to prevent ATM frauds and much more.


Roaming information is used to optimize phone call routing and termination, and minimise telecom costs.


Phone number format

You have to use the E.164 number formatting.
E.164 numbers are internationally standardized to a 15-digit maximum length.


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