URL analyzer

By using the URL Analyzer Service via API requests you can get information about specific domains. The new service is included in the default permissions and scope for each account and when creating a new application this new service can be included.


Request for cached data

As indicated in the API reference you can either get a cached response from our databases or request that the analysis of the web site is done synchronously. It is recommended that you use the cached version of an analysis to have a quicker response as some sites have slow responses or contain a lot of information that can be retrieved. We update our databases regularly so data is always in its most current form.


Do not use https and www

If possible avoid (if of course this is possible) using http(s):// along with www. For example use https://google.com instead of https://www.google.com, so as to avoid redirections that will possibly seriously up the response time. Also always provide domains that start with http(s)://

Categories supported by the service are

Category nameDescription
domainThe domain for which an analysis was requested.
cacheWhether this is a cached response or was fetched synchronously.
analysisArray of objects containing the analysis of the domain.
cmsThe CMS used by the domain.
databaseThe database used by the domain.
programmingLanguageThe Programming Language used by the domain.
cmsPluginThe CMS plugin used by the domain.
cdnThe CDN that is integrated in the domain.
seoToolThe SEO tool used in the domain.
mapsMap software used in the domain.
webFrameworkThe Web Framework used in the domain
jsLibrariesA list of Javascript Libraries used in the domain.
socialNetworksSocial Networks integrated in the domain.
widgetThe widget(s) that the website uses
webServerThe webServer(s) that the website uses
tagManagerThe tagManager(s) that the website uses
miscellaneousThe miscellaneous that the website uses
emailProvidersThe email provider(s) that the website uses
captchasThe captcha(s) that the website uses
advertisingNetworkThe advertising network(s) that the website uses
ControlPanelThe hosting control panel(s) that the website uses
pushNotificationProvidersThe push notification provider(s) that the website uses