Callback URL (WebHook)

Configure a Callback URL##

You can configure a callback URL for your application through Routee web interface


Go to "Applications" menu and create a new application

Create a new application##

Then Create a new Application giving a name and a description


Give a name and a description to your application

Select Services##

Select "Two Step Service" from the Services dropdown


Additional Services

You can select more than one services for your application.


Select TwoStep Service

Application Settings##

At this point you can set up different settings for your application
Parameters that can be set are:

  • lifetime
  • code digits
  • max retries
  • callback url

Set up different settings for your app

Callback Payload##

Routee will POST the following json object every time the status of a verification changes.

    "applicationId": "string",
    "trackingId": "string",
    "recipient": "string",
    "status": "string",
    "updatedAt": "date"
applicationIdThe application id that made the verification. (you might use the same callback url for many applications).
trackingIdThe tracking id of the verification that its status was changed.
recipientThe recipient of the verification.
statusThe new status of the verification.
updatedAtThe exact datetime that the status was updated.


Retry Policy

When Routee POSTs back to your service, an HTTP 200 OK response must be returned within 2 seconds. If Routee doesn't receive a 200 OK response within 2 seconds will drop the connection and will try to POST again (up 12 retries for 24 hours max) with the following retry policy after the initial callback attempt:

1st retry: 30 sec
2nd retry: 1 minute
3rd retry: 2 minutes
4th retry: 5 minutes
5th retry: 10 minutes
6th retry: 15 minutes
7th retry: 30 minutes
8th retry: 1 hour
9th retry: 2 hours
10th retry: 4 hours
11th retry: 8 hours
12th retry: 24 hours


Whitelist IP for callback service

Whitelist all the IPs that resolve to the following domain:
in order to be able to receive callback requests from Routee

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