Other Viber Messaging concept

Viber Message restrictions##

Message length: up to 1000 characters
Button caption length: up to 30 characters
File size: up to 600KB
File name: up to 25 characters

Viber Message layouts##

Every Viber message can consist four of following elements: Text, Image & Button, File.
You can see below the supported combinations for each Viber Message.

Supported Viber Message layouts:
Text only
Image only
File only
Text + Button
Text + Image + Button

When the Viber message layout is text only, then the Viber message type is transactional. Otherwise, the message type is promotional. The transactional and promotional Viber messages differ in cost. Check here for pricing details.

Unsupported Viber Message layouts:
Text + Image
Image + Button
File + Text
File + Image
File + Button

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