Email Error Codes

Error codeDescription
8Empty data
10Empty sender email address
11Can’t find recipients addresses
13Empty email message content field
14Can’t find email address with a specified ID
17Can’t find email address
19Email address already exists
20You are not allowed to use free mail services
21Can’t find email on activation
97Invalid email address type. You are not allowed to use free mail services.
201Empty mailing list name
203This mailing list name already exists
213Mailing list not found
303Can’t find email addresses in the mailing list
400Can’t find such SMTP user. Please, create SMTP service account.
502Can’t find email address
602Can’t find campaign. Probably, it has already been sent.
701Empty sender name or email address
703Can’t find mailing list
704Can’t find sender
707Not enough funds on your account balance
711You should wait for 15 minutes before creating new campaign on the same mailing list.
720Empty subject field
721Empty email message content field
722Can’t find mailing list ID
799Wrong send date. It must be in such format: Y-m-d H:i:s and cannot be less than
the current date
800Invalid operation
802Can’t find campaign
901Empty sender name field
902Chosen email address is already used
903Empty sender email address field
904Email address is blacklisted
905You have reached the limit of available sender addresses
906Email address syntax error
1101Empty email address field
1003The specified sender doesn’t exist
1004Activation code was sent. You should wait for 15 minutes before the next try.
1005Confirmation sending error
1104Can’t find activation code

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