Email API v.2 - Setting up your account Email HTTP API v.2 provides a stable, reliable and effective transport for your email messages.
To enable sending you have to declare one or more domains you intent to use as sending domains, make the appropriate changes to the DNS records of these Domains by including the in the spf record, allowing Routee.Net infrastructure to send on behalf of your Domains.
You also have to include a new TXT record for each domain indicating the new DKIM that Routee.Net has generated per Domain name that you indicate.
By completing the two steps described, you can verify your Domain(s) by clicking on "Verify" button.
Final step is to Authorize email addresses belonging to the indicated Domains and allow them to be used as senders.
The email addresses that you will indicate will receive a personalized link via an email.
When this link is clicked, the sender address is verified and it it granted the right to send messages.
You will see that under the appropriate Domain, the Authorized Sender will change status to Verified.

Why declaring (register) Domain Names

By Declaring Domain Name you claim that you have the Authority so communicate on behalf of that Domain.
By altering the SPF record and publishing it to DNS entry, you demonstrate that Authority and make sure that any communication delivered via Routee.Net infrastructure. In other words you make sure that any communication sent out via Routee.Net infrastructure will not end-up in High Risk folder as phishing attempt.
By including the DKIM entry generated by Routee.Net you are authorizing to sign your communication ensuring it will be delivered to recipient's inbox or updates folder (if the subject you are using is very similar to you previous communication).

Add a new Domain

To add a new Domain Navigate to Email Menu and select Domains.


By selecting Domains, a list of our available Domains will appear together with their status, or an empty page prompting you to create your first Domain Entry


Just click on the "Add Domain" button and a new Pop-Up window will appear.


Fill in your new Domain Name and click on the "Add Domain"


After adding the new Domain, it will be displayed in your Domains list


By selecting Details or by clicking on the Domain Name you will be navigated to the Details Page to manage your Domain.


The Domain Status is indicated at the top of the selection. On the same line the Verify button will be displayed if the Domain has not been Verified.
SPF Record asks you to include as part of your sending infrastructure. Please copy the value and include it in your SPF record.
Your spf record will look like "v=spf1 mx ~all"
DKIM Record asks you to include a new txt record in your DNS that resolves to a special entry named "routee._domainkey.{your domain name}"
The value is a public RSA based key that all mail servers will try to acquire when a signed email is received from your domain.
Our Infrastructure will automatically select the routee selector and sign the message.
This procedure ensures that you remain in full control of who is signing your emails and revoke the public key if you wish at any moment you choose.
Finally when you done these modifications, you may click on Verify button and the system will enable your domain.

Authorized Sender

he concept of Authorized Sender Addresses aims to offer Accountability for your Users.
You may have various offices in various Cities / Countries / Regions that you wish to send out communication originated from your Domain(s) and still have accountability on their actions.
After a Domain is Verified, you will be provided with functionality to add email addresses belonging to your Domain(s) that will appearing as the originator of your email.
As soon as you enter a valid email address, the system will dispatch an invitation message containing a personalized link valid for 72h.
Until the personalized link is clicked, the Email Address will not be authorized and the status will be in Pending Verification state.
You as an Administrator may resend the invitation if the user did not respond in 72h.
When at least one Sender has clicked on the personalized link contained in the invitation, your Domain is good to sent.