Routee applications

Routee API uses a unique application ID and an application secret for client access.

OAuth 2.0 is used for client authentication.

What is the use of an application?##

An application is used to differentiate or group calls, related either to one of your applications or a set of services.

For example, you may use one application for your website, one for your Two Factor Authentication for all your applications and another one for your mobile application.

That way you obtain a better perspective and management of your services.

In case you are using a virtual number, you should use a different application for each virtual number.
Each Routee application is bound to a set of services allowed to access it.
If an application is bound to SMS service only, it cannot be used for Number Lookup or Two Factor Authentication services, etc.

How can I create an application?##

By registering to the Routee platform a default application with access to all Routee services is created.

So basically you don't have to do much. But if you need to create a new application follow these instructions

How many applications can I create?##

You can create as many applications as you need. They are free! For your own security and manageability, set a strategy for Application ID creation.

Can I delete an application?##

YES. All applications except the DEFAULT can be deleted. Activity related to a deleted application is not deleted.

Is there a recommended use of application?##

You can use an application the way it fits your specific needs. This flexibility is great. For example you can follow a rule like "one app for each department", or "one app for each platform", each service etc.
You should also consider using one application for development, one for quality assurance and one for public use.