How to receive SMS statuses from a webhook

When you send an SMS, you have to set the "callback" parameter in order to receive notification when the delivery status of an SMS changes. Check here for the payload information.

The following parameters are sent in as delivery reports - callback.

Your callback service will receive a POST HTTP request with the following request body:


If you want to gather the information of callbacks and save them into a file, you should build a server-side script.


Using the following example server-side code, you will save the messageId, the status, and cost of the message into a file.


// read input data from POST
$request = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);

// set file name
$log_file_name = "my-sms-status-callbacks-logs.log";

// check if log file already exists
if (!file_exists($log_file_name)) {
	//create a file in not exists
    $log_file_create = fopen($log_file_name, 'w');
    chmod($log_file_name, 0755);

// Check that this is a delivery receipt.
if (!isset($request['messageId'])) {
    //save message to a specific log file
    error_log("This is not a delivery receipt\n", 3, $log_file_name);

//Check if your message has been delivered correctly.
if ($request['status']['name'] == 'Delivered') {
    error_log("Your message to ".$request['to']." (message id ".$request['messageId'].") was DELIVERED.\n", 3, $log_file_name);
    error_log("The cost was ".$request['price']."\n", 3, $log_file_name);
} elseif ($request['status']['name'] == 'Failed') {
    error_log("Your message to ".$request['to']." (message id ".$request['messageId'].") was FAILED.\n", 3, $log_file_name);
    error_log("The cost was ".$request['price']."\n", 3, $log_file_name);
} else {
    error_log("Your message to ".$request['to']." has a status of: ".$request['status']['name']."\n", 3, $log_file_name);