Messaging resources overview

Available Resources##

POST/smsSends a MessageSend an SMS
POST/sms/analyzeChecks a message for validity and analyzes the cost and actual message (if it's unicode etc.).Analyse an SMS message
POST/sms/campaignSends a bulk messaging campaign.Send Bulk Messages - Campaigns
POST/sms/analyze/campaignChecks a bulk messaging campaign for validity and analyzes the recipients of the campaign as well as the actual messages’ content.Analyze Bulk Messages - Campaigns
GET/sms/tracking/single/{messageId}Tracks the messages (parts) of a single SMSTrack an SMS
POST/sms/trackingSearches for messages but with more advanced search filters that are passed as request body.Track multiple messages with filters for a specific time range
GET/sms/quietHours/countries/{language}Retrieves all the countries that are supported by the quiet hours feature.Retrieve the countries that are supported by Quiet Hours feature
PUT/sms/{campaignTrackingId}Edits the messaging campaign with the provided tracking id. The bulk messaging campaign status must be "Scheduled" in order to be edited.Update a scheduled bulk send out - campaign
DELETE/sms/{trackingId}Deletes a scheduled messaging campaign.Delete a scheduled bulk send out - campaign
GET/campaigns/{trackingId}Retrieve details for a specific messaging campaign.Track multiple messages for a specific bulk send out - campaign

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