Failover gives you the ability to contact your target audience using more than one channels.
More specifically, you can select to send a Viber message and if that message is not delivered the end user can receive a message via SMS.

The Routee Failover provides the functionality to order the messages and arrange their delivery conditions.

You can create different communication flows that better suit your customer needs. For example you can select to start your communication using Viber and in case the message is not delivered after the time you set has expired to move to another digital communication channel, for example Facebook messenger. In case the message still hasn’t reached your end customer you can select to send an SMS message.

You set the conditions for every communication flow you build allowing you to develop endless flows and this way create the most efficient way to reach your audience.
Routee offers the ability to create fallbacks, in case the message isn’t delivered on one channel then you can send a failover to another one. Remember that switching to SMS is the better option if you want your message to get read.

Detailed Status

Routee Failover gives you detailed information in case the status of your message is Failed, more specifically the StatusCode provides the following information:

  • 0 if there is a Server error,
  • 1 if there is Insufficient balance,
  • 2 if there was No next step,
  • 3 if not failover triggered