Viber Messaging

Use Routee to send Viber messaging campaigns

Routee provides an API to send Viber messaging campaigns to any recipient who has Viber application installed to his phone.

Viber counts over 260 million monthly active users and over 12% the world’s device owners use it to communicate. This means that you can take advantage of Viber’s popularity to send effective, highly converting campaigns directly from Routee using your account balance.
You can choose from 3 different layouts of Viber Messages:
Text (with button),
Advanced message (text, image, button)
You can preview your message before it’s sent and choose between other campaign options.

You are charged only for the delivered Viber Messages (Delivered, Seen)

In order to use Viber Campaign Service you must first request for an activation. Fill out the Viber Application Form and send it back to us to the following email address: . A representative will get back to you as soon as possible to give you all the necessary information about the activation process.

You can download the Viber Application Form here

Viber Messaging API

Once Viber service is activated for your account, you will need senderInfoTrackingId in order to be able to use Viber Messaging API.

senderInfoTrackingId can be retrieved from Routee Platform. The Applications page contains all the information you need.