Other Messaging Concepts

Sender ID##

When sending an SMS, you have to set a sender id. The sender id can be either numeric or alphanumeric. Depending on your choice, the following restrictions are applied:

  • Numeric: the maximum number of characters is limited to 16
  • Alphanumeric: the maximum number of characters is limited to 11


When you want to send a single SMS or SMS campaign from a rented number, you will have to enter it as sender ID, without the '+' before the number's country code!
Example for UK: "from":"447123123456"

Routee will identify the number and route your messages properly.

Personalized Messages##

This is used when sending bulk messaging campaigns so as to personalize the final message that will be sent to the users. In general, those are parameters that will be replaced with known contacts' stored values.

For example, you may want to send the following message "Hi, check our new arrivals at...". You can personalize this message, by changing it to "Hi [~firstName], check our new arrivals at...". In this case the label [~firstName] will be replaced with the first name of the contact.

Routee's API for contacts supports various labels. You can even create your own labels. Learn more at the Contacts section.

Flash SMS##

You can send an SMS as flash. This means that the SMS will not be saved in the recipient's device. It will just be displayed immediately on the screen. This can be useful in emergencies, such as a fire alarm or in the event of confidentiality being required, as in delivering one-time passwords.

Flash SMS can be used for Bulk messaging campaigns as well.