Resources Overview

Viber Messaging resources overview

Available Resources##

POST/viber/campaignSend a viber campaign.Send a Viber Campaign
GET/viber/tracking/campaign/{campaignTrackingId}Tracks the messages of a viber campaign.Retrieve Viber Tracking by Campaign
DELETE/viber/campaign/{campaignTrackingId}Deletes a scheduled viber campaign.Delete a scheduled Viber campaign
POST/viber/sessionRetrieves all viber session messages by a phone number.Get all Viber Session Messages by a Phone Number
GET/viber/session/{sessionId}Retrieves viber session messages by a session id.Get Viber Session Messages by a Session Id
POST/viberSends viber message to single recipient. This is a paid service.Send a Viber Single Message
GET/viber/tracking/{trackingId}Retrieves tracking information for a viber single message.Retrieve Viber Single Message by Tracking Id

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