Waymore Sources

In essence, Waymore sources generate messages about the activities on your site or app and transmit them to the Waymore servers.


Once you've collected your interaction data you can utilize Waymore Campaign Manager. It's Waymore's marketing automation tool, to construct marketing campaigns personalized to your audience.

Sources for Collecting Data

You can collect data by implementing Waymore's tracking libraries as your Sources:

  • Waymore.js: The Waymore JavaScript source, recommended as the default installation for any website by Waymore.
  • Official Waymore Integrations: The Waymore official integrations offer tailor made event sourcing for your CMS.

The waymore.js methods

waymore.js generate messages about interface activities, translate these messages into different formats, and transmit the messages to those tools.

  • Reveal: Determines the user's identity.
  • Track: Records the user's actions.