Voice Messaging

Routee provides an API to send Voice messages to and from any country across the world. All Voice messages are identified by a unique tracking Id. With this Id you can always check the status of the message through the provided endpoint.

Voice messages & Voice campaigns#

Using our Voice API you can either choose to send a simple Voice message to a single recipient or to create a Voice Campaign.

Sending a simple Voice message is quite easy providing only the necessary information (e.g. the recipient and the text to send). You may choose this method if you just want an easy and quick way to deliver Voice messages.

Routee currently supports two methods to construct a Voice message.
I. Text 2 Speech engine.
II. Upload a custom voice file.

Text 2 Speech engine is the easiest way to construct a Voice message.
Simply type your desired message (maximum 1000 characters) then choose an available language and a gender. Now a high quality Voice message is ready to be sent to your recipients.

In case you already have an audio file (in .wav format) you wish to playback as a Voice message to your recipients, you can upload your desired voice file.

Our Text 2 Speech engine supports the following languages: Greek, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, German, English (British), English (US), Spanish (Castilian), Spanish (Latin American), French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and also female and/or male voices. Read more about supported languages and voices here .

For each Voice message you send, you get back a unique mesage id. Using this id you can track the status of the Voice message (see Voice Message Statuses).

If you want to send Voice messages so as to promote or advertise your services or products, the procedure of sending your messages is exactly (or pretty much) the same, apart from the fact that you may choose to send them in bulk.

Voice Campaign gives a variety of extra features:

  • Send your Voice message using your custom audio file.
  • Use our Text 2 Speech engine to convert your desired written text into natural sounding audio.
  • Send the same Voice message to a large number of recipients with a single call.
  • Use the contacts and the groups (or combinations) you have already created to make it even easier (see contacts).
  • Schedule the campaign so that the messages will be sent in the future.
  • Test the Voice campaign before sending it.
  • Track them as a set (campaign).

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